Friday, May 27, 2011

Randoms from my week

Here are a few snippets from my week.

Is she not the cutest thing ever?!
Madelyn had her 2 week check up this week and has already gained a pound and grown and inch since she was born.

Looking back in the rear view mirror and seeing moments like this makes my heart melt.

sleeping baby = happy mama

The boy had a complete tantrum because I would not let him pick up the dog poop.
Yes dog poop. life line.

They love her.
a lot. a lot.

Tomatoes are actually growing on our tomato plant!
Happy day!

The woman's retreat with my church was
powerful. restful. and overall amazing.
It's so cool to sit back and watch God work.

Every time I look over at Madelyn she has a new toy next to her.
Wesley loves to share his toys with his baby sister.

* smile *

worst part of getting family pictures taken....trying to figure out what we are all going to wear!!!

best part of getting family pictures excuse to get my hair done!!
Oh and getting precious pictures of my little ones :)

Hope you guys had a great week!


Katie said...

Great photos! Hope my son is that eager to pick up dog poop LOL :)

The Miller Five said...

Great photos! The one of Madelyn smiling is precious! Can't wait to see your family pics. I always agonize over what we are all going to wear.

stephanie said...

great photos! love the one of your two oldest holding hands- so so sweet!

Stephanie said...

My favorite photo is the one of your kids holding hands. I wish mine would do that.

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