Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Girls Night Out

The other night we had a little girls night out. 
A few of Mackenzie's closest friends and their Mommy's got together for a fun and fruitful evening.

We had some yummy cookies and dessert at a local restaurant and spent some time talking about what it looks like to be a good friend. 
We used verses from the Bible and a lot of examples of what "loving your neighbor as yourself" actually looks like in every day life (as a 5 year old).

The Mommy's even put on a couple skits for the kids to act out different scenarios that they might encounter at church, school, etc.  First we acted out the wrong way to handle the situation, we talked about why it was wrong and then we acted out a better way to handle it. 
The kids LOVED this!! 
They thought it was soooo funny to see us Mom's putting on a show and I think it really helped drill home all of the things we had learned.

After our heart training session was over we headed out for some fun! 
The girls rode the carousel and had so much fun just hanging out together as big girls (without any of their other siblings around).

What a great night of fun and fellowship!
I'm so thankful to have good friends in my life who I can journey through parenthood with! 
Because this raising kids stuff can be tough
and with such an important job of training and molding little hearts towards Jesus I'm so glad that I'm not in it all alone.