Sunday, March 3, 2013

A peek at our week

Hey guys!
Hope you are having a great weekend.
I can't believe it's almost over. 
Is it just me or does Monday always come too soon?

Anyways, here's a peek at some of the things we have been up to the past week or so. 

Maddie's first mani. 

I love having a backyard!!! 
We hardly ever eat meals inside any more. 

They love Mrs. Lauren. 

We went to visit Aaron's grandparents. 

And snuck in a family picture (where all of us are looking!!).

I love fires and our new fire pit.

Mostly because it means we can have Smores whenever we want. 

And Smores are definitely best enjoyed with friends. 

Cuddles with my littles. 

A fun day at the Acres with friends. 

Resting on her brother. 

I found this awesome mask at my moms and surprised the kids with it.
I was laughing they were crying.

Park day with friends.

36 weeks.
Feeling (and looking) like I might pop any second. 

Tried to make this
Major Pinterest fail.

Soaking up every last moment with these 3 before baby Hudson makes his grand entrance. 

 Speaking of his grand entrance...I totally thought he was coming on Friday. Contractions 5 minutes apart for an hour and then just as we were packing the kids up to take them to my parents they totally stopped. 
Whaa whaa whaaa.
But now we are finally ready for him to come. 

We had a garage sale this weekend

 and finally cleared enough stuff out of the garage to fit a car in there.

Daddy cuddles with our biggest baby boy. 


Cortney said...

I made kettle corn last well from this recipe ( and did the shake 3 seconds, cook 3 seconds and it worked really well. I made two batches... The second was better than the first because i knew more of what i was doing... In case you want to give it a shot :)

Kristal said...

So I used to make kettle corn similarly all the time. The best trick I found online(and I CANNOT remember where:/) was to put the oil and 3 kernels in together. When you hear all three pop, add the rest of the kernels and sugar and salt if using and keep off the burner for 30 seconds. Then return to heat and shake every few seconds. Another hint is to get it out of the pan and into a waiting bowl ASAP bec the pan is so hot and it will keep cooking....