Thursday, February 28, 2013


My kids go to the best preschool.
Well at least I think so.
It's only one day a week on Fridays so I get to enjoy my kids at home Monday-Thursday (because let's face it once they hit kindergarden they are in school for the rest of their lives) and then they get to go to school to learn, and craft, and be trained and loved on for a few hours on Friday (and I get to enjoy running errands with only one kid). 
It's also a co op model which means that I get to help out a few times a year and get a peek into what they do during their day at school. 
Helping in their classes is one of my favorite things to do (and my kids LOVE it too).
  I love watching them interact with their friends, and seeing them participating and learning.

Last month I got to help in each of the kids classes and I of course went picture crazy. 

Here is Kenzie with her amazing teacher Mrs. Vorrell. 

Hooking different color links together during her listening skills time.

Each week the kids work on a letter of the alphabet, a coordinating character trait and bible verse. 
This week the letter was L and the theme was ladybugs so we made lady bug snacks (ritz crackers, red peanut butter and raisins)

and a lady bug craft. We read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle,

and the kids got to release 1,500 lady bugs into a garden outside the preschool. 
It was so cool to see so many ladybugs and to be able to hold them.

During snack/recess we got to see Wesley and I snapped a picture of him with his awesome teacher Mrs. Yartz.

Me and my babes. 

2 weeks after I helped in Mackenzie's class I got a chance to be in Wesley's class.

He was so excited to introduce me to all of his friends and for me to see him in action. 

Recess fun.

This week the letter was N and the theme was nests. 
Wesley's teacher made these adorable nests out of chocolate and pretzels with jelly bean eggs inside. 
So cute!

and yummy!

We made these cute little nest crafts together, learned all about Narwhals, read "Are you my Mother by P.D. Eastman",  counted eggs in nests, learned about being Nice to one another and more. 

So fun!