Thursday, February 7, 2013

two teeth

My baby is not a baby anymore.
The other day she lost 
not one 
but two of her bottom teeth.
After a wrestling match with Daddy her very loose teeth got knocked even looser.
She was a little hesitant at first to let Daddy pull them out but didn't even cry when he actually did it. 

 And she was so proud once they were out.
We called all of her grandparent's to share the good news. 

Once Mackenzie was in bed Aaron and I had to sneak out to Target to get some tooth fairy supplies. 
Luckily we were staying at my parents that night (since the new house was no where near ready to sleep in) so Aaron and I got to go together.
I forgot how relaxing shopping could be without 3 little ones in tow. 

Mackenzie kept telling me over and over that the tooth fairy always brings girls nail polish (not sure where she heard that) so I made sure it was on the list and we got a few other things as well. 
I know we don't do Santa and I'm not sure how I feel about the tooth fairy but for now we are going along with it.
Mackenzie was SOOOO excited in the morning to find her loot that she woke up her brother and sister at 5:45 to show them what she got :)
Now if I could just keep her from losing any more teeth or from growing up at all.
In a couple weeks we have to register her for Kindergarten and I feel like I'm sending her off to college.
I'm definitely not dealing well with her getting older. Clearly. 


The Four on Board said...

I cannot believe she lost two teeth already! I know how you feel about registering for kindergarten, I am the same way with my daughter in kindergarten next year. ;(

Kathy said...

Your daughter made out good! Here the kids just get a dollar bill under their pillow. Yes, they grow up so fast. But each new thing brings us so much happiness watching them grow.