Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Moving and stuff

Life is craaaazzy!

We said goodbye to our old place and 

moved a couple miles away to a new house that we are really excited about. 

I forgot how much work moving is!
We have taken countless trips to Lowes

And still have countless hours of organizing, unpacking, decorating left to do.

And Maddie and Aaron both got struck down with the flu or a stomach bug or something. 
Oh and I'm hosting a party at the new house THIS Saturday. 
No big deal. 

How's your week going?


Kathy said...

I remember when I moved I swore never again. Moving is a pain. But now I'm thinking about it again. Good luck with getting settled.

Erika said...

we have to move too , need more space and a garden, I am so dreading it...how did I gather so much stuff?!...:)

Desi said...

Hi Kristin, today I found your tutorial for the princess crown and I decided to try to create it for my daughter, it's amazing, thanks for the clear tutorial!
I tried to repeat the explanation in Italian (which is my language) for my blog readers and I obviously mentioned you and your blog :)
I also read some of your entries and I absolutely want to follow you from now on.
Good luck with your health matters, but especially with your new baby (I'm expecting my 2nd daughter too, just in these days)!
Greetings from Italy and see you very soon online!

Carole Powell said...

I'm really NOT jealous of you and all of your moves. At least you keep the clutter pretty trimmed down with all the packing. We bought our house a few months ago, major bonus to living in Utah is getting a 6 bed 3 bath 2600 sq ft house for $135k! And I swore when we moved here I'd never move again. It's such a pain, so I'm prayin' for ya'll!

Samaiyra said...

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