Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orange Juice Punch Recipe

Orange Juice Punch Recipe

This is the best punch ever.
The past 2 years we have made it for Christmas and Easter morning 
but I crave it every day in between. 

It's called orange juice punch but it is really a mouth full of slushie, tropical goodness.
It makes your taste buds dance when you drink it. 

So grab some cute helpers and let's get started. 

Ingredients: (this makes 2 big batches of punch)
2- 12 ounce cans orange juice concentrate (thawed a bit)
1- 12 ounce can lemonade concentrate (thawed a bit)
1- 46 ounce can Dole pineapple juice
6 cups water
2 cups sugar
6 ripe bananas  
2- 2 liter bottles of 7 up (add when ready to serve)

In a food processor, blend bananas, sugar and one cup water.
In a large bowl, add remaining ingredients with the mixture from the food processor (except 7 up) and stir until mixed together well.
Place a double zip lock bag (gallon size) in a bowl to hold its shape, fill bag with mixture to the top and zip back up.
Place bowl with mixture in freezer and when frozen take mixture out of bowl (in the ziplock bag). 
This recipe should make 2 full ziplock bags of punch mix.
This mixture can be made days or weeks before you need it for your party and stored in your freezer.

When you are ready to make your punch...
Take one bag of frozen mixture out of the freezer and put it in a serving bowl to defrost for one hour.
When ready to serve, pour a bottle of 7 up over frozen (kind of defrosted) mixture and stir/break up chunks of frozen mixture until the whole thing becomes a big, delicious slushie.