Thursday, February 14, 2013

A day off...

Between packing and unpacking, a million trips to Target and Lowes, trying to get the house in order before the party and my general lack of energy these days
 the kids have been a bit...ummm....neglected. 
Not neglected like I'm not feeding or loving them but let's just say the tv has been a major source of entertainment. often. 

And with closets that still look like this

and loads of chores that need to be done I feel like I may never have time to be the fun mom I want to be. Most of the time I think...if I could just get caught up on all the other stuff then we can just concentrate on having fun. But I'm pretty sure I'll never be caught up on the other stuff. Or by the time I am my kids will be in college.

So the other day I was determined to have a fun day. 
Now that didn't mean I didn't clean up after meals or do laundry but it did mean I was intentional about being the kind of mom I want to be. 
Being intentional about playing with my kids.
And loving them and listening to them.
And training them before a situation arising that requires training (or correction). 
And viewing them as a joy and a blessing instead of a distraction. 

So we made some Valentines

rode our scooters,

and explored a park by our new house. 

And just enjoyed being together. 
I forgot how much I love just enjoying my kids and playing with them. 
And how less stressed I am about all the other stuff when I am able to get out and have fun.
Being a mom is fun and a joy. 
And sometimes I just need an intentional day away from all the work of being a mom to remember that. 


Kathy said...

Everyone needs a day off -- even a mom! Or especially a mom. These are days your kids will always remember.

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