Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Aaron's 30th

My hubby turned 30 on Friday! 
And since 30 is kind of a big deal I had to throw him a party. 

After months of trying to figure out what I would do for him I finally settled on a beer tasting party.
And it was so.much.fun! 
We had each couple bring a chilled 6 pack of beer so we had quite a variety. 
A bunch of us (mainly the girls) don't even like beer but the boys sure had a blast. 
It was so fun seeing them trying all the different kinds and rating each beer.
We even had a prize for the top rated beer (which ended up being New Castle Winter IPA). 

And along with plenty to drink (beer. root beer and other non alcoholic beverages) we had some of Aaron's favorite foods...buffalo wings, taquitos and burritos, jalapeno popper dip, and lots and lots of chips with salsa and guacamole.

The party was in our new backyard (only a week after we moved!) so we had a good incentive to get it all set up. The cafe lights, fire pit and bar tables gave the backyard a fun atmosphere. 
We had so much fun celebrating Aaron and being with our closest friends.
We are so blessed by all of the awesome people the Lord has put in our lives. 

And I am so blessed by my amazing husband.
Happy Birthday Babe!
You are the best Daddy and husband a girl could ask for. 
I love you!


Chiara said...

Happy birthday to Aaron! :)

ps: What a beautiful belly! ;)

ciao ciao

wayne said...

thanks for this post.
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