Thursday, August 1, 2013

Monster van

Our minivan is going dowwwnnn. 
Every day it seems like something else is wrong with it. 
I'm kind of just holding my breath until it finally bites the dust.

And in the meantime I just so happened to find the coolest (or nerdiest) car ever.

Meet the Nissan NV.

Aaron and I have talked about what our next family car will be. 
Even though our minivan is pretty big it still feels pretty small with all of us (and our stuff) in it. 
Especially on road trips or even something like a trip to the beach.

Here's an example from a recent trip to Costco.

I'm pretty sure we will have to rent a trailer when we go to Yosemite this year just to hold everything.
The bottom line is 
6 people=a lot of stuff

Aaron really wanted a giant SUV but I love the kid friendliness of a van.
And then we found the perfect compromise. 
The Nissan NV can tow a ton and has lots of storage room for all of our outdoorsy adventuring

 but it also has heated seats and all the great mom conveniences. 

And the best part is it seats 12.
Twelve people! 
Now we can have at least a couple more kids :) 
 Or if you don't need to drive 12 people around you can take some seats out or move the seats around (there are 324 seating arrangements). 

So have you seen the Nissan NV
What are your thoughts?
What is your favorite big family mobile?


Cecilia said...

I actually read a review of one and was intrigued. I was impressed with the gas mileage for the size:

Danielle said...

We are a family of 8 in NorCal. I drive an NV. I LOVE it. I drove it cross country with our children and once I had the mirrors worked out....there is no real rear view line of sight with the seat head rests......I was good to go. I used to drive a suburban but with our children ranging in age from 15(6'2") and 4 weeks old (massive space needed for the Britax) it configures smashingly for us all much better than our mini van or suburban ever did. We looked a long time at large family vehicles....I was sticking to my guns on no "church" vans and the Mercedes was too expensive for what you got. In my NV the kids have a charging port for iPods and the like.....which on long trips is nice. Every where we go I get asked about what "it" is and my husband has been approached in our driveway when he washes it....... Having the grow room and extra space for visiting friends or church events is a plus. And yes, with even two seats out of the back I can really pack in the Costco run :)

Unknown said...

Aside from the 324 seating arrangements, you could take into account that provided you choose the 12 seat arrangement there are actually 10 choose 4 (kids) 210 seating arrangements just for the one seating option of 12 people (assuming you and your husband sit in the front)

It becomes even more fun if you take into account that there are 210 arrangements for the seating of your 4 children assuming you're in the front.

I am tempted to come up with the combinations involved if you get to sit anywhere and the kids then are stuck wherever you aren't but they cannot go in the front seat.

This will be my task tomorrow :-)

Or we can play the how many different ways can you seat a family of six with 4 being children in all of the combinations greater than or equal to six

Mind is being blown

I was in a family of 8 growing up so this is fun

I may also be a math dork

Yay for actuarial moms!

Sarah Throlson said...

I'd hate having to drive a van this big... because I hated having to drive a moving truck the few times I had to do it...

That being said, look at all that space! I'd love to have this, as long as I had someone to drive me around in it ;)

Sarah | AAA Aero Auto Transport Inc

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