Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Wesley!

Wesley Paul, 
Happy 4th birthday Bubba!

You, my sweet boy, bring so much life and excitement to our family!

You are passionate, loud and brave.
I pray that you would use your voice for Jesus....that you would proclaim His truth and always stand up for what is right. 

You are nurturing and loving and the best brother. 
You are going to make a great Daddy and husband one day (and you have already promised to live next door to me forever...so don't forget that). 

You are one smart and creative cookie.
I love to see your little imagination at work.
Sometimes it is used coloring crayon on the patio (we are still working on channeling it in the right direction) and you love.love.love. scissors. You always know where the 6 pairs we own are in the house. 

You are the best helper. 
God has definitely given you a heart of service (just like your Bapa).
You love to help Mommy and Daddy with whatever we are doing and you especially love to help Mommy in the kitchen.
I'm sure one day your going to be whipping up gourmet meals for all 6 of us!   

You love your "stuffies".
Last night you had 13 in your bed. 

You are funny. Like really funny. 
You know what to say at just the right time to make us laugh. 
Heck... I just love listening to everything you have to say. 
And you have always have a.lot. to say. 

You are my little curious George. 
You love to explore and get into things that well... you shouldn't be into.  
I don't think you will be touching this stuff again soon.  

You love to redefine the rules of fashion
And we love to see your creative outfit choices. 

You still love to snuggle.
And be held. 
Today I asked you if you would still let me hold you when you were 100 and you said that I could. If I could still pick you up.

You are the cutest thing ever.
Seriously...such a handsome boy. 

You love to play sports and are so excited to start soccer next month!
I'm pretty sure you have more energy then all the players on the teams combined so you should do awesome. 

You have the best laugh.
Your joy is contagious. 

You are a people person.
You pretty much hate to be alone. 
And you will walk up to a total stranger and talk their ear off about anything and everything.

We are so thankful that you are our son and that you are a part of our family! 
We love you so so so much! 
Happy Birthday!