Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No more finger sucking

We finally did it.
We (at Mackenzie's request) went out and got the big guns.

Apparently the mother of all stop sucking your finger(s) remedies.
Just read some of the reviews on Amazon. 

And so far it seems to have been working. 
Mackenzie hasn't sucked her fingers in over a week. 
But I also feel like it was partly a mental switch. 
She asked us to buy the stuff and reminds us to put it on. 
I think she was finally ready to give up the habit...she just needed a little extra help.

And apparently Wesley was feeling a little left out of all the finger sucking hype. 
He decided to try a little (or a lot) of Mavala Stop for himself.
I'd say this is pretty much the most awesome example of a natural consequence.
By the time I caught him in the act I had him try to wash it off but once it's on it takes a couple of days to wear off.
And apparently it tastes really bad. 
He's been telling me a million times a day for the past two days how yucky that nail polish is.
And each time I get to remind him how important it is to obey him Mommy :) 


Christephi said...

We used that stuff for my daughter's nail-biting. It *is* nasty! The worst thing is if you are eating finger food and accidentally lick your finger. Eww! It certainly is effective, though! :-)

ashley @ my craftily ever after said...

genius! i wish there was a bed wetting fix that was that easy!!!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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