Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Remember my dream of owning a farm?
You know somewhere I can have a huge garden, my chickens and some room for my 4 crazy kids to be kids.
Well...on my farm there will also be tons of fruit trees. And berry bushes/vines. 
While we are at it throw in a river. And a pond to go fishing. 
And since I will have soooo much fruit I won't know what to do with it all 
I will give some away, eat a ton (remember I have 4 little fruit monsters) and I will can the rest.

So in preparation for my homesteading days my friends parents let us borrow her fruit trees to get our can on. It's always a ton of work but totally worth it to have a years worth of delicious canned fruit at your fingertips. 
All of which will be used for this and this alone. 

A couple years ago we canned apricots but this year we came out for the peaches and green gage plums. 

When you are planning a day of canning you need to start by enlisting some (preferably free) laborers to pick your fruit. 

Luckily we had lots of willing helpers.

This one preferred to be the official taste tester.

I don't blame her. 
Those babcock peaches are 
the. very. best. 

Aren't they pretty?

We also canned these greengage plums.
They are also delicious! 

Here we are hard at work. 

And while we worked our hubby's and the kids got to play.

The fruits of our labor :)

What are your favorite things to can? 

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