Friday, June 28, 2013

A peek at our week

Happy Friday everyone!
Here's a peek at our week (well more like the past 2). 

This little guy...I just can't handle how cute he is

our garden has been booming! 

This is what we like to call the brother-go-round

swinging in the great outdoors


A visit to San Clemente = a necessary stop at one of our favorite places to eat.  
This time we went to my hubby's favorite La Tiendita.

Look who won the Bagels and Brew contest?!!

Wesley- "Mommy I just need to cuddle with you and Hudson right now"

The kids have been obsessed with The Land Before Time movies (all 20 of them) and their dinosaurs lately.

Dessert with friends is the best.
Actually dessert period is the best
but everything is better with friends. 

My Babe with our babes. 

stop it. seriously...he kills me with that smile

I've started to put the kids to work (with chores). 
They always fight over who gets to vacuum or sweep. 

We went swimming with our neighbors. 

Maddie really wanted Hudson to sleep in her bed. 

I'm still running 
and surprisingly not hating it. 
as much. 
And even though I'm not a morning person I love getting up early just to start the day off with some quiet. 
Ahhh the sweet sweet sound of quiet. 

pizza and park night with friends 

Some friends and I did a little canning

Look at how big our chickens are getting! 

They are Maddie's favorite! 
She may be scared of dogs and squirrels but she loves chickens! 

And her baby

Pretty toes :)
Details coming soon 

Snacking on a cucumber from our garden 

We saw The Croons at the dollar theater. 

We played at a near by splash pad with some friends. 

And then did a little sunbathing to dry off. 

I also found these pictures from a couple weeks ago so I thought I'd share them too. 

Date night with the hubby
and our cute third wheel. 

 First Angel's game!
It was so funny being out with just Aaron and Hudson. 
Everyone kept coming up to Hudson and ooohhing and ahhhing over him (because he is crazy cute) and then congratulating us on our first baby and telling us things like "Before you know it he will be walking..." :) 

 Bacon bagel
because everything is better with bacon

 feeding time

Happy Friday! 
Hope you guys have a great weekend! 


Kathy said...

Absolutely awesome post! Thanks for sharing all these pictures. I feel as if I've spent a week with you. What a wonderful life your family leads.

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