Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wedding cake toppers

I just found this blog post I wrote a few weeks ago (before the wedding).
Apparently I forgot to post it...whoops! 
Oh well....better late than never. 

I can't believe my brother's getting married in a couple weeks!

His fiance wanted some wooden peg dolls to go on top of the wedding cake 
and since they were $60-$100 to buy them on Etsy I told her I would try to make some myself. 
So for $10 here's what I came up with.   

Not too shabby. 


Kathy said...

They are so cute!

Sarah said...

Super cute! I saw a DIY nativity peg set on etsy, but I'm just not sure I would be able to do all that tiny detail. You did a great job!

singlemumplusone said...

Wow that must have taken some patience. Brilliant job, you must be feeling pretty proud of yourself right now.

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