Monday, June 3, 2013

Just call me the coupon lady

I'm a sucker for a good deal. 
Garage sales, consignment stores, name it. I'll be there. 
There's something so exciting about being able to find a diamond in the rough or a $245 dress (tags still on) for $5. 

 A couple of my friends are couponers.
Until recently I hadn't really done coupons.
I mean we didn't even get the newspaper.

And then my friend (the couponer) told me about this awesome newspaper deal.
You could get Sunday newspapers (that's the one that has all the coupons in it) for a whole year for $10! 
So I got 3 (I told you I'm a sucker). 
And then she told me about another deal where you could get the other local Sunday paper for a year for $1. 
Seriously, how could I pass that up! 
So now I get 4 newspapers. 
Every Sunday.
That's A LOT of coupons. 

Since I get a bagillion coupons every week I considered myself an instant coupon lady and had to do a little research on how to put my coupons to maximum use. 
I decided to assemble a binder to organize and hold the coupons (thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady for most of my new found knowledge and binder organization).
And thanks to Totally Target, All Things Target, OC Deal Mama and the Krazy Coupon Lady on facebook they tell me what to buy and when to get stuff free or super duper cheap.
It's like couponing for dummies.
And already I have got free toothpaste, deodorant, make-up and a bunch of other things for super cheap.
Next thing you know I'll be on Extreme Coupons :) (totally kidding) 


Barbara said...

I used them all the time raising Brandon and Erin. They work! Love saving money on things I have to buy.

Mell Santos said...

aqui no Brasil não tem isso, mas fico loca quando vejo na Discovery H&H o cupom mania, queria muito.

Adoro seu blog bjs Mell.