Friday, May 31, 2013

I hate chalk, and paint, and definitely play dough

Happy Friday everyone!

Ok I have a confession...I hate chalk, bubbles and play dough. And paint. And glue.
With (little) kids that is. 
They are super messy and stress me out. 

But yesterday I sucked it up, pulled out the chalk and graffitied our driveway with the kids. 
I even managed to get these fun pictures of them.

and even though the kids (and my floor and then part of my couch) ended up covered in chalk dust it was worth it. 
Because they had a blast doing it and we were doing it together.

Quality time with my kids takes time and energy.
And sometimes it takes me sacrificing the things I want to do (or need to do) to be the kind of mom they need me to be. 
Some days it means me reading the same book over again for the fourth time in one sitting or spending 20 minutes cleaning up a painting project that took 5 minutes to complete, or pushing them on the swing for an hour, or giving up my free time during the little ones nap to chat with the big ones, or fill in the blank. 
But this is motherhood.
This is my calling. 
And I want to do it well 
for my kids and for the Lord. 
Even if it means lots of bubbles, and chalk and play dough.