Friday, May 17, 2013

A peek at our week (or 2)

Hey guys! 
It's Friday...yippee! 
Hope you guys had a great's a peek into ours.

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Hudson got to meet his great great grandma for the first time. It's so cool that there are 5 generations alive on Aaron's side of the family. I hope to be able to see my great great grandkids one day too. 

Maddie moved into the big girl bed and Hudson took over the crib.
Since she's been in her bed she hasn't gotten out once. 
Not even at nap time. 
I put her in, tell her not to get out and she listens. 
Thank you Jesus for an easy toddler!! (so far at least) 

it's been hotter than Hates around here

For the past couple months we have been letting Mackenzie stay up 10-15 minutes or so later than the other kids. It's our time to chat and I'm always amazed at what she wants to talk about and the questions she asks me. It's one of my favorite times of the day. 

Aaron taught me how to play cribbage. And we have played it almost every night since. 

Our little pack mule. 

Water table fun. 

My hubby's solution to hands free driving. 
creative babe. 

giant spa 

green smoothie stache 

pretty girls

Wes got sunglasses just like Daddy's

that smiles melts my heart

reading with Daddy 

The kids had their end of the year performance at Bible study. 
It was adorable as always.
This year Maddie totally stole the show. 

Picture worthy moment. 
All 3 playing together peacefully.
Any 2 of them play together great but add in the 3rd and it's usually not pretty. 

I'm one blessed lady. 

After church on Mother's Day we went to the beach with some friends. 

Me and my littlest man

oh how he loves her

staying cool 
in the giant blow up pool.
go big or go home

things are growing!

cutie boy

more pool

i love snuggles with my Maddie girl

a minute later I looked down and she was out

special delivery 

Wesley and his preschool teacher Mrs. Yartz. We are so blessed by her! 

Madelyn napping with her baby :)