Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wannabe farmers

We finally did it. 
We got our chickens!

Meet Oreo 

and Buttercup. 
They are only one week old and so soft and cute. 
They make having to clean up chicken poop not (as) bad. 

Oh and we pick up our other 2 chicks this weekend!
We got one chick for each of our kids.
Buttercup is Madelyn's and Oreo is Wesley's. 
 The kids are loving the chicks. 
They ask to see them/play with them only about 30 times a day. 
And I am counting down the days (err...months) until I get some fresh eggs :)

Oh and since Aaron and I like to pretend we are farmers we built another square foot garden. 
The first one we made and planted a couple months ago is out of control.
Everything is huge and producing like crazy so we decided to try our luck again. 
I keep meaning to post some pictures of all of our veggies...one of these days. 

If any of you have any chicken tips I'd love to hear them :)