Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer fun list

I'm so glad we made a Summer bucket list. 
It has helped us be intentional about actually doing all the fun summer things we always want to do but don't always get around to doing 
and it has helped to give our week some direction. If we have a free day or start to get bored with our usual routine we pick something off our list to do. 
So easy and so much fun. 

Last week we checked off a couple new things...

We went fishing at the Santa Ana rivers. 
We caught a giant fish and just as we were reaching down to take it out of the water it got off the hook. Bummer!

Wesley made a new friend.
He had a blast playing with the worms 

and trying to catch the hundreds of chickens wandering around the place. 

Mackenzie on the other hand was really into fishing. 
She sat on that bench with the pole the entire time and keeps asking us when we can go back. 

The fish that got away. 

 We also got to check making fresh lemonade off our list. 
Mmmmm....my favorite! 

And we painted some rocks. 
I love how they all turned out. 
So cute and unique. 

We even had a couple peg people left over from the bride and groom (below) that I painted for my brothers wedding. 
Can you tell which is Mackenzie and which is Wesley's :)
Mackenzie made hers a flower girl and it turned out so cute! I was super impressed at her painting skills with a cheapie water color paint brush. 

(the ones I painted for my brother's wedding)

What have you guys been up to this summer?