Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nature Scavenger Hunt

We are slowly checking off more items on our Summer Fun List. 
A couple days ago we went on a Nature Scavenger Hunt. 

I wrote "Find something Red....find something yellow, etc." on the paper and then colored each of the colors with a crayon since my kids can't read yet. 
We took a bag along with us and I filled it with lots of different flower petals, leaves, etc. for each of the colors on our paper. 
The kids had a great time exploring our neighborhood and searching for all the different colors!
It's so fun to see the same things we always see with new eyes. 

Then when we got home I drew a rainbow on a piece of paper using the proper color crayon for each strip of the rainbow. We had more colors than were really in the rainbow so we got creative with pink and black clouds and brown birds. 

Then I let the kids glue their scavenged goods to the proper spots on the rainbow.
I was surprised at how easily they were able to do it. 
I pretty much just monitored the glue usage and they did the rest. 
I love a good, easy and fun craft! 

Have you been doing any fun crafts this summer? 


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