Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4 kids...one room

We did it. 
We put all 4 kids in the same room. 
I wrote this on Instagram (kristinsellars if you want to follow) their first night together...
"We are either absolutely genius or totally crazy". 

The room switch was prompted by some recent break ins in our neighborhood (we live in one of the safest cities in America...go figure!). 
The girls had been sharing a room downstairs and after everything happened it made me super nervous having them down there alone so we decided to move them all into the upstairs bedroom.
We sold both sets of our old bunk beds and got a new triple bunk (bunk beds with a trundle under). 
The kids were/are sooooooo excited to all be together. 
They pretty much think it is the greatest thing ever. 

And surprisingly it has been going great!
Actually it has been way easier then I could have imagined (thank you Jesus).
My kids have pretty much always shared rooms so they are used to being together.
I think when you have 2 kids sharing a room it's not much different having 3 or 4 or in there. 

So many of you were curious about our bedtime rules so I thought I'd share them with you...
-no one is allowed out of their bed (this is the biggest one!)
-when you get up in the morning you are not allowed to wake anyone else up! You need to walk as quietly out of your room as possible and go downstairs or come find Mommy and Daddy. 
-sometimes if they are having a hard time falling asleep or we can hear them being rowdy we don't let them talk either but lately this hasn't been a problem. 
-Also if anyone wakes up before 6:00 a.m. I always put them back in their bed and tell them it's still night time :) That's not a rule...just a Mommy secret. It totally works around here.  

Some other helpful sleeping tips...
-get a sound machine...this has been a life saver for our family! 
-blackout curtains are a must! Trust me.
-We put our kids to bed at 7:00 on school nights and by 8:00 on weekends. I think it's so important for Mommy and Daddy's to have some kid free time. Well at least it is for this Mommy and Daddy. 

 The plus side to having all the kids in the same room is that we get to turn the downstairs bedroom into a playroom/sewing room. 
I already scored this desk off Craigslist for $20. 
Thank you very much. 
My sewing machine is so happy to have a permanent home again. 

And we are all so excited to have a playroom. 
Our project this weekend is to get everything set up and organized.
Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Im happy the arrangement is working for you. Both our girls (2 yrs and 7 yrs) have been sharing a room for over a year now and they love it. The second room is a playroom which I love! We are moving in a few months and when my I asked my oldest has insisted that she still share a room with her sister. They chat quietly at night and read books together. It's amazing but even if one of them is up crying in the middle of the night the other never wakes up. On another note its nice to see I'm not the only one that sends the kids to bed 'early'! Mommy and daddy need their time too!

Laura said...

3 of our 4 kids share a room. The oldest has his own room because he is 19, and the other 3 are 11, 8, and 6. We have very similar rules. If you wake another person up, you lose video game time in the car (only place they can play on a DS). It was a little challenging at first, but it works well. When the 11 year old went to camp this summer, the other two were lamenting how lonely it was in their room without her there! My main dilemma is decorating for 2 girls and 1 boy. He is not a huge fan of flowers and bright pink! Glad it is working well for you!

Joules said...

We have 2 of our 3 kids in the same room, ou kids are 7, 5, and 3, so similar ages. What consequences do you use for breaking the bedtime rules?

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It must be fun for the kids.
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