Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A little homestead

Aaron and I have dreams of some day owning a homestead.
Somewhere our kids can roam freely and explore. 
A place they can climb trees, build forts, pick berries and make friends with squirrels. 
We want to have a big garden, a place for our chickens to free range and maybe even a cow or two.
Oh and lots and lots of fruit trees. 

There's such something about being in nature that is good for the soul.
All that clean, fresh air and constant reminders about what a good, big, majestic God we serve. 
It's so refreshing.

So until we get our homestead we want to get out of our little city as much as possible and get into nature. 
A few weeks ago we even bought a tent trailer to prove how serious we are about it :)
and so that it will be easier to go on weekend trips. 
Because as much as we love tent camping it's so much work to set up camp and then tear it down after only a day or two. 

Have you guys heard of Joy Prouty or Wildflower Photography?

Her family sold everything they had, bought a big trailer and hit the road for a year of adventuring. 
How cool is that? 

Aaron and I tried to figure out a way to do that but the whole job thing kind of got in the way. 

If you are looking for an inspiring instagram feed to follow be sure to check her out {joyprouty}. 
Her pictures always make me smile. 
And wish I was on my homestead.  

What are some dreams your family has?