Sunday, April 6, 2014

A peek at our week

Hey guys! 
Is it just me or does the weekend always go by way too fast? 

Here's a peek at our last 2 weeks through the lens of my trusty iPhone. 
Because while I may be bad at remembering to blog or take pictures with my real camera I'm really good at Instagram 
(kristin.sellars is my username if you want to follow along). 

I recently discovered Pho.

love this crazy bunch 

Saturdays are our family day. 
Every week looks different but we always make a point to get out of the house and do something fun together 

coloring with me is her love language 

I'm praying I get to put this picture in their wedding slide show one day 

I love seeing the different relationships between my kiddos grow. 
They all love each other fiercely and uniquely 

I can't get over the top teeth coming in. 
They make him look so much older!

Oh man. 
Her with glasses is the cutest. 
(she doesn't need them, we were just playing)

Aaron and I got to get away for almost 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As much as I was looking forward to the time away, the kids and I were all a little anxious about being apart.
So to ease the pain I wrote them a card for each day we were gone and gave them a couple surprise gifts to open (a new movie so they could have a movie night and a new play dough kit).  

The first stop Aaron and I made on the way to the harbor for our cruise was for lunch at a Brazilian restaurant. 
We lived in Brazil for a few months and have been back a handful of times and absolutely LOVE it there. 
One of the things we miss most is the amazing food and my favorite Guarana (a type of Brazilian soda). 

What a fun weekend I had cruising with this hottie 

Our cruise was to Ensanada, Mexico

Look who got glasses 

It was SO good to get away but also so good to be back together as a family of 6.

This is the result of an at home haircut gone bad! 
We were both so sad that I had to shave it all but really it was that bad. 
Luckily it's just hair and it will grow back.
I'm still getting used to the new look though.  

We decided to get adventurous for dinner the other night. 
Mainly because I needed more Pho. 

We went on a get well better soon surprise mission. 
It's so much fun to ding dong ditch people with happy things. 

Prepping for the spring Queen Bee Market
If you are in Southern California you should definitely come. 
It's one of my favorite boutiques of the year (to sell and shop at). 

Loving on her teddys

a boy and a stick

I got all crazy and made chia seed pudding the other day.
It was pretty good!  

Kenzie and I got to go to a Mommy and Daughter garden brunch.
It was so fun and so cute!
I can't wait to show you more pictures.

Fruit infused water is our new fav. 

Hope you guys had a great week/weekend! 

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Kathy said...

A cruise! How great is that! Looks like you had a great time. It's nice to get away, but always nice to get home too.