Friday, April 11, 2014

i hate running

I hate running.

These e cards sum up my feelings on the subject.

But running is free
and good for you. 
So reluctantly I started the couch to 5K program (app) again. 
This is my 3rd time doing it and as much as I hate running this program actually makes it possible (the running part).
Trust me if I can do it, anyone can.

So I'm running. 
3 times a week. 
And I literally sleep in my running clothes so all I have to do is wake up and go (can you tell I'm not a morning person?). 

And I haven't died yet. 
Thank you Jesus. 

And as much as I hate the actual running part
I have been enjoying the alone time first thing in the morning. 

And the crisp fresh air. 

And the quiet.

I find myself noticing the beauty around me that I'm normally too busy to see. 

And getting some time to prepare my heart and mind and attitude for the day. 
So those are good things. 

Anyone else tried the Couch to 5k app?