Saturday, June 21, 2014


I am severely directionally challenged.
I'm always getting lost.
Thankfully me and the maps app on my iPhone are BFFs so I seem like I know what I'm doing 
most of the time.
But the other day I got really, really lost.
While. I. was. out. on. my. morning. run.
Like 2 miles in the wrong direction lost.
It takes a very special person to do that.
By the time I realized that I was really lost and sought help from my BFF to get home it said I was 10 minutes away by car and 36 minutes away by walking. 
So I called Aaron and asked him/told him to come pick me up (because I had already been running for over 30 minutes).
After he laughed at me he told me there was no way he could come get me because the kids were still sleeping and he had to get ready to leave for work.
So I ran home. Fast.
Because I had to.
And I did it.
People, I ran 5 miles!
On week 8 of the couch to 5k program when I was supposed to run for 28 minutes (which is around 3 miles).
And I was so proud of myself.
So I write this post to lighten the mood (feel free to laugh at me because it's funny and pathetic. Seriously who gets that lost that close to their home) and to encourage you that you might be able to do things that you would never imagined possible if you just try. Or get lost and are forced to. Whatever works.
*I should also add that I was trying out a new route that Aaron had described to me before. Hopefully I've got it down now :)