Monday, June 16, 2014

June Lake

Camping is our thing. 
We just can't get enough of it. 
Over Memorial Day we went to June Lake.
It was it beautiful!

The best part of road trips are eating at the yummiest places along the way. 
Thank you yelp. 

Letting the kids run around after a delicious lunch at Schat's bakery  

June lake, 
you purty. 

 I could stare at that view all day long. 

We tried and we tried to catch some fish but they just didn't like us. 

Our campground was pretty cool. 
It was super private which was nice and quiet but it was also super far from the bathrooms (which we quickly learned is not so convenient when you have 3 little kids who use the bathroom every 5 minutes...lesson learned) 

 We were too close to our favorite place in the world not to go so we headed over to Yosemite to see Tuolumne meadows. 
It was beautiful and we even saw a coyote.

This picture captures it all. 
The kids doing their thing, Aaron fishing and that beautiful landscape in the background! 

Another day we explored Bode, a local ghost town. 
We even got a ghost to take our picture. 

 One of my favorite parts of camping is hanging out around the campfire. 
This trip the kids were super into Old Maid. 
It was so fun to be able to actually play it all together.
I love that they are getting to the ages where we can do stuff like this. 

And you guys already know how I feel about campfire treats.
This trip I switched out the graham crackers for Speculoos cookies (from Trader Joes) and was blown away. 
So goooooooood.
Try it. You will thank me. 

I also have a strong love for Banana boats (bananas stuffed with chocolate chips, PB (or Nutella!), marshmallows, then wrapped in foil and cooked on the fire until hot and gooey).
I think I might even love them more than smores (did I just say that?!).

It was such an amazing trip filled with adventure and lots of family time. 

And such constant reminders about God's glory as it's revealed through creation.
It was good. 
Real good.  

And now we are counting down the days till our next adventure...which is only 2 weeks away! 

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