Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yosemite 2014

Yosemite is our family's spot. 
I think I would go as far as saying that it is my favorite place in the world. 
There's just something so magical about it. 
The trees, the stone, the animals, the streams and fresh mountain air. 
It's definitely God's territory.

This year we decided to visit Big Sur before we headed to Yosemite. 
We made it all the way to San Louis Obispo by breakfast time.
Aaron and I are big fans of leaving early. 
Like really really early (think 2:45 am). 

We decided to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium on our way up to Big Sur as well. 
It was amazing!

Our favorite exhibit was definitely the jelly fish. 
I never knew there were so many different varieties and all of them were so interesting and beautiful. 
What a cool Creator God is! 
He sure came up with a lot of interesting animals.

Monterey seemed to be a really neat town. 
I wish we had more time to explore there (I did get some tasty clam chowder though!)

We met two of our close family friends in Big Sur. 
Those redwood trees are awesome. 

These two. 
I can't even handle it. 
I'm pretty sure we will show this at their wedding slideshow one day. 

Little cuties on a big tree. 

After a couple days in Big Sur we headed to Yosemite.

I think this was one of our best trips yet. 
We spent lots of time in the river, 

riding bikes, 

and going on hikes.

The kids claimed this area as their island and spent hours imagining and exploring there

We visited the nature center and learned all about animal poo (among other things)

picture perfect

Oh and we saw a bear!!! 
Like rode right by him on our bikes.

our gigantic biker gang of bikes

Our happy place

Hasta Luego Yosemite! 
See you next year!


Julie said...

Hi! I love your blog. I got to go to Yosemite at age 19, and was in such awe of it's amazingness. Thats probably not a word, but you know what I mean!!! LOL. Your family is really beautiful and I am so glad you got to have such a great trip! We went from San Diego up to Yosemite in a 2 week adventure that year. I live in you can imagine how different it was from here! I LOVE CALIFORNIA!

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