Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Love you" flip book

Did anyone else just realize that Father's Day is coming up fast!?
If you are trying to figure out what you are going to do/make your hubby for Father's day (like me) here is an idea that might help :)

I made this little flip book for Aaron's birthday and filled it with things that Mackenzie and I love about him.

The book itself was purchased in the dollar section at Michaels. (I think it is made out of chipboard.)

I used the front piece of the book as a guide and traced the flower pattern onto some manly scrapbook paper. I also had Mackenzie color on a piece of white paper and used that as one of the backgrounds instead of scrapbook paper.

Then I cut the pieces out and used double sided tape to stick them onto the chipboard book.

(Now that I have discovered the many wonders of Mod Podge, I wish I would have Mod Podged the scrapbook paper to the book and then Mod Podged over everything when I was done to have sealed it).

Next, add some pictures and notes from you or the kids about how much you love your husband or dad!

Simple, inexpensive and cute!

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