Monday, October 5, 2009

Jingle Door Alarm

Big Girl Bed = Freedom
Almost 2 year old + Freedom = Trouble
Big Trouble (post coming soon)

It has officially been 1 week of the big girl bed
And oh what a week it has been.

Now that Mackenzie sleeps in a big girl bed
she likes to get up and roam the house
at ungodly hours of the morning
while the rest of us are still sleeping.

So in an effort to hear her when she wakes up,
and get her before any serious trouble occurs

I made this jingle bell door alarm

Lots of jingle bells tied to different length pieces of ribbon
and hung over her door knob.

Now when she wakes up in the morning and tries to sneak out of her room
we get a little jingle, jingle warning.

-Jingle Bells

Cut as many pieces of ribbon as you have jingle bells. I made mine all different lengths.

String one jingle bell onto each piece of ribbon

and secure at the end with a knot.

I also made a few of them like this for variety.
Just feed the ribbon through the bell and tie the knot at the other end of the ribbon.

Next cut a piece of ribbon big enough to go over your door knob when the ends are tied together. Tie the ends together making a circle. Then tie all of your ribbon pieces with the bells onto the circle of ribbon.

It should look something like this.

Hang over your door knob and
listen for your warning call.


Unknown said...

Good idea! I can't wait to read the "trouble" post... what a cliff hanger you left us!


Crystal said...

What a great idea! We put a gate in front of my daughters door but it was a pain to take off and put back on. I might try this for the little one.

Angie Mae said...

Love this idea! You are awesome!

~Kimberly said...

FABULOUS IDEA! Totally using this when my little ones figures out how to get out too!

Courtney said...

So sorry that you're having trouble with your little one - but oh man can I relate my couches are still covered in pen because it's not safe to use alcohol on them. Also if you'd like an alternative to you (really cute cute cute) bells, I have a friend that put one of those child proof door knob covers on her daughters room for just the same reason as this. And yes, they do make them for french door handles like you've got. :-) Your idea really is cuter though.

Ashlee said...

So cute!!

AJ said...

Oh I just know this will save me later. My now 8 month old is one of those always on the go kids and I am sure we'll be in trouble when he is ready for his big boy bed. Thanks for the tip!

Naomi said...

Oh man, when my son was not even two he climbed out of his crib so we put him in a big boy bed. We had to put a child gate outside of his door so he would stay in his room(he wouldn't sleep with the door closed). He would get so mad, he would just stand at the gate and scream himself to sleep. Now he's 8 and we still can't get him to go to sleep on time, but at least he stays in his bed. :)

ttsc said...

great idea, I just found your blog. I love your tutorials. I am also having a owl bday for my daughters 2nd birthday, I was about to order some invites when I saw your adorable handmade ones. I might attempt it too. Thanks for all the great ideas.