Monday, October 12, 2009


I know you are all eagerly waiting to hear
about the surprise Kenzie left us the other day
but the pictures are still on my camera
so I leave you in suspense.
Until tomorrow.

In the meantime...

Mackenzie loves animals.
She could make every animal sound before she could talk.
And she knows the name of pretty much every animal.
She knows and loves them all.

Last weekend we went to the San Diego Zoo.
We had a ball.
And Mackenzie was in animal heaven.

As soon as we got to the Zoo we went on the bus tour.
It takes you around the entire park and gives you great views of all the animals.
My favorite part for sure.

Then we hit up the petting zoo.
It was the one part of the zoo I was not impressed with.

They also had lots of fun play areas for the kids to run around and burn some energy off.

And of course lots of amazing animals.

If Lu Bird's were real
they would look like this.
For sure.

from The Lion King.
Hakuna Matata.

They had peacocks roaming around the park.
Kinda weird, but kinda cool.

These giant tortoises were amazing.
They are huge and really, really old.
This one is 150 years old.

Me and the little man.

Aaron and our little monkey.

After the Zoo Mackenzie got her first taste of fishing.

I'm not sure it is the best activity for our busy girl.

She was more interested in rock climbing.
I don't blame her.
Fishing can be a little boring.
Especially if the fish aren't biting.

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