Monday, December 14, 2009

Never a dull moment...

Little Miss Trouble reigned again.

The morning of Mackenzie's birthday party
I walked into her room to find


and this.

She was covered from head to toe in

So were her new sheets
and pajamas
and blankets
and bed rail.
Thankfully her quilt and pillows escaped the mess.

The process of removing Vaseline looked like a big pain
and since I had already spent hours removing this and this from other things
and I had a birthday party to throw that night
the pjs, sheets and blankets went straight to the trash.
That was the easy part.

Getting the Vaseline out of Mackenzie's hair was another story.
I washed it and I washed it.
And I washed it some more.
With real shampoo
not the gentle baby stuff.
But after multiple washes
her hair looked like it was wet
even when it was dry.
Thanks Vaseline.

So my mom took little Miss Trouble with greasy hair
to the hair salon to try to get the Vaseline out
while I got ready for the party.
They washed her hair some more with heavy duty clarifying shampoo.
It helped.
A little.

There's never a dull moment in this house.


Shrimp Salad Circus said...

You just made. my. night. I have finals right now and really haven't any time to comment on blogs, but I couldn't resist reading this one. Your family's precious!!! Apparently as a (tall) toddler, I yanked a couple tacks off the wall and chowed on, so there's always a bright side! lol

Diane {} said...

oh what a nightmare, my little girl (who is 11 now) got into similar messes. If you ever have a greasy mess in the hair again. use baking soda, or powder to absorb the oil then shampoo, it works. I'm a hairstylist :)

Cora Anne Designs said...

I think she really just wanted to have her hair done at a salon to get ready for a her party! Tell her to just ask next time! :)

JenBrown said...

that is just too funny! I hardly comment on blogs but I just had to this time!!

Charity said...

Oh my goondess!! What girls get into! I bet she just wanted to be "pretty" for the party. My 2 girls did the same thing with lotion. yuck. NOT fun to get out of hair.

Melissa @ Domestic Goddess In Training said...

I don't usually comment on here but I had to say my son did the SAME thing! Right before Easter and it was so bad nothing I did got it out. He has really light hair so it just looked disgusting! After washing with baby shampoo 3 times, my shampoo 3 times and dish soap 4 times it still wouldn't budge. I could stand his hair straight up. He got a buzz cut :o) It was so sad cause he had beautiful hair....

Ah, you can see the damage to make you feel better :o)

Jennifer said...

ha ha! My daughter has done that too! I ended up using dove dish soap to get the vasoline out of her hair. Figured it worked for all the wildlife caught in oil spills. I love your stories!

Andrea said...

been there and the best I have found is my natural Dr. Bonnaers soap works like a charm.

Amanda said...

Poor Mommy! My two little sisters did this to themselves the night before the first day of school in a new town one year. My mom tried everything, including trying to melt the grease off with a flat iron. I think I read somewhere that Dawn dish soap works as a pp commented.

The Mangerchine's said...

Wow, you have your hands full with this one huh! I may be wrong, but I feel like using cornstarch is a good way to remove gooey grease from hair, just put it in and let it absorb the goo and comb it out... maybe for next time (I'm sure you're praying there isn't a next time and are busy hiding all of the vasoline though)