Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wish List...

For Christmas I'm wanting...

an updated wardrobe

a minivan
(A.K.A. mom mobile)

this am.a.zing. necklace

and this baby carrier

All amazing things
that I would love to have.

But this year I'm putting my wish list aside
and choosing to make a difference.

Because while I'm wishing for better clothes and a new necklace
some people are in NEED of basic necessities
things that I use every day and take for granted.

Like water.
Clean, fresh water.

One in seven people in the world
don't have access to safe, clean drinking water.
And every week 42,000 people die from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation.

Let's stand up and say,
"No more!"
Together we can do something.
Together we can build a well.

Visit the Project 320 blog.
Come be a part of something bigger than yourself.
Give money for water and win super cool, amazing things.

What are you waiting for?
Go check it out!


iru said...

so thoughtful of you:)

Anonymous said...

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