Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mackenzie at 2

I love the mind of a 2 year old.
Random. Silly. Creative. Inquisitive.

Mackenzie is in such a fun stage right now.
Every day is something new.
She constantly cracks us up with the hilarious things she says and does.
I love how she explores her world.
and her creativity.
I love to see her imagination at work.

I wish I could just bottle up this moment in time and keep it forever.
But since I can't do that I'm trying my best to write down funny stories, video tape and take pictures often and save things that help me remember the 2 year old version of Mackenzie.

After Mackenzie finished one of her masterpieces I had her tell me what her picture was about and I labeled each item so we could remember later.
This pictures included:
2 turtles, a kangaroo, a "big fish" and lots of water
"because they were swimming in the ocean".

This picture had:
2 flowers, grass, clouds and 2 suns
oh and Hello Kitty.

Lately Mackenzie loves for me to draw pictures with Sharpie (as she dictates to me what should be in the pictures) and then she paints or colors them in. It's our own version of coloring books :)

Another favorite is outlining her hands with paint, crayons, markers, etc.
So fun!

What are some ways you preserve family memories?

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The Shaw Family said...

I use my blog to keep track of everything and then publish a yearbook with at the end of each year. It's easy to work on throughout the year and keep updated regularly.
My friend has a large picture frame for each child that she fills with the artwork her kids do at home/school/church.