Friday, February 26, 2010


Every thing's better with ruffles
lots and lots of ruffles

This hand me down dress needed a little
pick me up

So I got out the stitch ripper and
removed the flower at the top
and the patches

then I took an old cotton shirt of mine
and started cutting.
and ruffling.
pinning. and sewing.

until I had just the right amount of ruffle goodness.

Then I added a few ruffly flower things to cover up the area where I removed the patch

and ta da!
A piece of messy, girly, ruffly goodness.

For free :)
Did I mention how much I love upcycling clothes?


Unknown said...

love it, so cute. both the model and dress! have you seen this site
i just came across it recently and she does many refashions. I hope to have girls some day so i can do these cute things!

Unknown said...

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