Friday, August 13, 2010

Wesley's first birthday party details

Between having family visit,
Aaron leaving for his trip
and potty training
I totally forgot to post the details from Wesley's first birthday party!

We had a casual surfer/beach themed party at park near our house for our baby boy's first.
Just food family, friends and fun.
We had a great time celebrating our little man!

Here are some of the details...

For the party favors I got a sand bucket and shovel for each child.

I personalized them with their name so they could know whose is whose.

For some birthday decorations
I made a pendant banner with all of my favorite boy fabrics
and hung it from the EZ up canopy we brought.

They were really simple to make.
I ironed interfacing onto the back of each fabric to make them a little sturdier, cut the pendants out with pinking shears, and then hot glued them all to a long piece of ribbon.
Super cute. Super easy.

I also made a few surfboard decorations out of felt and ribbon
to spice up the canopy.

They also helped tie the whole surfer theme together.

What's a party without food?
We ended up having way more than we needed.
We kept it simple with pizza, snacks, veggie platters, salad,

chips and dip
(served in more sand buckets)

the best homemade lemonade ever, water and ice tea.

And of course funfetti cupcakes.
Because a party is not a party without funfetti cupcakes.

The little birthday boy!

The park ended up being a great party location.
The kids loved to play on the playground, there was plenty of room for the kids to run around,
and the clean up was quick and easy.

I still can't believe my baby is one.
He's my little mama's boy.

Wesley and his daddy.
My two favorite guys.

Wesley is such a little monkey boy.
He climbs up the whole slide by himself.

I think Wesley likes funfetti cupcakes as much as me.
He polished off his cupcake like a pro.

The kids loved their buckets and shovels and where able to break them in with the sand at the park.

Wesley loves wearing glasses and sunglasses.
Here he is sporting his grandpa's glasses.

Silly boy.

(Doesn't he look a little like Aidan from John and Kate plus 8 in them?)

We had a great time celebrating our big boy's first birthday!


Brandy@YDK said...

what a great party! i love the whole theme with the buckets. genius.

Dee said...

everything looks AMAZING and he is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the party ideas! It seems so simple and fun. We just did fruit salad and cake with family, but I wish I had the organizational skills to have put on a party with his friends from our impromptu playgroup.

The park really is a good idea. Maybe I will do that for 2.