Monday, September 13, 2010

Am I crazy?

I kind of want some of these.

Not because I like chickens.
In fact the thought of having to touch them freaks me out a bit.
And not because I want another pet.
Our dog is more than enough work.

Solely because I think it would be cool to have these babies.
fresh. eggs. daily.
Plus it might be good to teach my kids something about chores and responsibility.

Anyways, even if we did decide to get some chickens it probably wouldn't be until we move to New Zealand but I was wondering your thoughts.
Do any of you guys have chickens?
Is it worth it or should I just stick to buying my eggs at the store?


Unknown said...

Every couple of months I get the same way and try and figure out a way to get around my subdivision covenants. No luck yet. Here is a chicken coop to die for tho that will fuel your craziness :)

Starry said...
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Starry said...

I am in love with the idea of having chickens. Touching/handling them not so much. Fresh eggs would be lovely. I'd also like a miniature pig but I'm still on the fence on how cruel it actually is.

PS. it took me three attempts to post a comment kept getting a 503

PPS I'm having a giveaway on my blog and would love you to take part.

(had to correct a typo sorry!)

Crystal said...

We bought four pullets about three weeks ago. They were only a few weeks old at most, so cute cuddly little downy chicks. I had never held a chicken before so this is all new to me but getting them young helped me get over the fear of them now that they're getting larger. They've pecked me with their little beaks and it doesn't hurt (at least not yet!)

The kids really like them and it's fun to have them learn about them hands on.

They're not laying for me yet but I can't imagine not having them around. There are some posts on my blog about them and a little video

Morgan said...

I think it's totally worth it! Especially after that huge egg recall. Yuck!

We don't personally have chickens, but one of our customers does and trades us a few dozen a week for pool service. Great deal for us!

Several of our friends have them, though, and it hasn't been too difficult for them.

sfitz said...

We had chickens. loved the eggs - hated the mess. But the eggs were worth the mess. Just make sure you don't get a rooster.

Hippo Brigade said...

I've been getting our eggs from the farmer's market every week. So yummy and local and lovely.
And no messy chickens to look after.

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

We have 7 chickens! 5 hens, 2 roosters. I usually let them out during the day, and back into the coop at night. It's really not hard to take care of them, and if you only want eggs, no babies, you dont need a noisy rooster. Although I love hearing them crow :). We have 2 bantams, 1 araucana, 1 rhode island red, and the other 3, I cant remember what they are. We get blue eggs right now, hopefully the other two will start laying soon, they lay brown eggs. We love having fresh eggs, and when we cook scrambled eggs, you can definitely see a color difference in fresh vs. storebought eggs.

You likely wouldnt have a reason to have to touch them, but I have had to snatch ours up and take them in the coop (back when we first started letting them loose). My husband usually doesnt want to grab them, but I grew up doing it.

Kammie said...

Chickens are great my father in law has some. They do require a little at first like the coop & proper fencing. But once you get used to rounding them up at the night and letting them out in the morning its not too bad. They can eat your table scraps which is a great way to feel guilt free about wasted food. Also they are a great way to teach kids about responsibility without it being too much on you. Plus farm fresh eggs are a million times better than store bought! They are worth it. Do research first & if you buy them as chicks you can raise them to be well behaved. Get one male to help you heard the hens though. Have fun and good luck! But wait till you move I'm not sure how you could move chickens so far.

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