Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A T shirt dress for Mackenzie

Remember this post last week?
I managed to squeeze in some extra time in between boutiques to whip up a recycled T shirt dress for Mackenzie.
It ended up being super easy to make and the best part
Mackenzie loves it!
And I love that it's cozy, warm and wrinkle free.

After I took the first batch of pictures (the ones with Mackenzie modeling the dress) I realized the sleeves on her old shirt I used for the top were a little too small
so I added some extra fabric to the cuffs
and it was perfect.
Plus I think I like the look of it even better.
It kind of tied everything all together.

Want to make a t shirt dress of your very own?
Head over here for the directions :)


sara said...

luv it! this is on my to do list!!

Katie said...

Very cute! Love the color combo!!

iammommahearmeroar said...

It turned out absolutely darling! I love how you used the "Roxy" across the front, too. She looks so cute in it. Thank you for sharing this with me!