Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Princess Birthday Party Invitations

On Friday my baby girl turns 3!
And I don't think I've ever met a kid as excited about their birthday as Mackenzie is.
She's been waiting for December to finally come for months, practicing holding up her 3 fingers to show off her soon to be new age,
and talking about her party non stop for a long time.
And as long as she's been excited about her birthday she has been excited to have a princess birthday party.
A pink, girly, glittery, princess party for my very girly little girl.

And since no store bought card would do
I whipped up some special (but super easy) ones for my girl.

This year I went the super easy route.
I made one master copy of the invitation and then made color copies for the rest.
I don't know why I haven't done this in the past.
It saved so much time and still turned out really cute!

Here's how I made them...
I found an adorable princess themed piece of scrapbook paper at Michaels a few months ago I knew I wanted to use for her party.
Since the entire piece of paper would have been too big, I cut out a smaller section that included the elements I wanted to have.

Then I taped the scrapbook paper to a piece of card stock to make it more sturdy while I assembled the rest of the invitation and also so it would be easy to copy.

Next, I printed the party info on blank paper and cut it out so I'd have an idea how I wanted to lay things out and the font size I needed before I printed on my good paper. I also cut out a crown and a star from paper and a picture of Mackenzie I wanted to include.

Then I printed the party info on a pretty polka dot paper, cut the star and crown out of scrapbook paper, added some ribbon for the base of the wand, and used some scrapbook stickers for Mackenzie's name. Then when everything was perfect (or perfect enough) I printed off the color copies and then cut them out to the correct size.
Easy peasy!

The only bummer was that I made my invitations an odd size and I couldn't find envelopes to fit them.
So I had to make my own.
They ended up being simple but a little time consuming.
Here's how I did it.

Step 1:
Cut out a piece of large paper (I used wrapping paper) a little wider and almost 3 times longer than your invitation.
Lay your invitation on the paper to use as a guide. You want to make sure the bottom fold
almost covers the top of the invitation.

Step 2:
Fold in and tape the sides so they are a little wider than your invitations.

Step 3:
Fold up the bottom of the invitation until it reaches the top of the invitation and tape the sides closed.

Step 4:
Fold down the top of the invitation and tape closed.

Slip in your invitation, address the front and your good to go!

More princess party details and the favors I made to come soon!


Kyla Armstrong said...

I love the invites and that you made your envelopes! So cute!

Katie said...

I'd never had thought to color photocopy them. Great idea!! And I love the crown address labels.