Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Princess Birthday Party Details

Mackenzie's 3rd birthday party ended up being a blast!
It was pink, glittery and girly just like Mackenzie.

(If you missed the invitations I made for the party check them out here)

The big 3 year old birthday girl!

striking some kind of princess pose

and doing lots of twirls
because princesses always twirl.

The party decor was simple.
I made this pendant banner with all the girly fabric scraps I had.

I just cut the pendant shape out of my fabric scraps with pinking shears and then hot glued them to a piece of ribbon.
Oh and I added a little iron on interfacing to the back of the fabric to make them a bit sturdier before I cut them out.

I also cut star shapes out of some scrapbook paper and then taped them to pieces of yarn I hung from the patio cover.

I always think kid birthday parties go more smoothly with a bit of structure so I had a craft and a game for the kids to play.

For the craft I premade some felt wands and then had the kids decorate the back with glue and glitter.

The older kids were able to put the glue on themselves while some of the mom's helped the younger ones.

Then each child brought their glued wand over to a box where my aunt sprinkled the glitter on.

Super easy!

For the game I decided to do a modified version of pin the tail on the donkey.

I called it "Pin the jewel on the crown".

Before the party I cut different shapes (star, heart, diamond, circle, etc.) out of some colored foam sheets I had got at the dollar store a while back. Then I wrote each child's name on a different shape.

Instead of blindfolding the kids and trying to get them to put the shape in a particular spot I just let each kid decorate the crown by putting their shape wherever they wanted.

Surprisingly they were all really into it and waited their turn to get their special shape and stick it on the crown.

After the craft and game and some time free playing we had lunch.

I made (earlier that morning) PB&J sandwiches for the kids and then cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

For the adults I made turkey and cheese croissant sandwiches with all the fixings on the side.

I also had chips and dip, veggies with ranch, a huge fruit salad, goldfish, and more.

My mom handled getting the very girly princess cake.

(I think she got it at Albertsons.)

Mackenzie has been waiting all year for everyone to sing happy birthday to her so she was ecstatic when the time finally came.

And she loved opening all her gifts!

And of course hanging out with all of her good friends.

She had a blast at her party!