Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Very Scary Day

Friday started out super fun
then quickly turned into one of the scariest days of my life.
Friday was Mackenzie's 3rd birthday.
We woke up and had pumpkin pancakes at the birthday girl's request.
As soon as everyone was fed and dressed, we headed over to my parents house to get ready for Mackenzie's birthday party.
She had been looking forward to her party for months and it was just as perfect as we could have hoped for.
Mackenzie had a blast hanging out with her friends, eating yummy food, playing games, and of course opening all her new gifts.
After the party I put the kids down for a nap and my mom and I decided to head to the mall to do some quick Christmas shopping while we were kid free (my dad stayed home with the kids. Don't worry we didn't leave them home alone).

As soon as we had arrived at the mall, I felt something wet.
I went to the bathroom to check things out.
By the time I got to the bathroom I knew something was really wrong.
My pants were soaked in blood.
I knew I needed to go to the hospital ASAP.
A few ladies in the bathroom heard me telling Aaron (on the phone) what was going on.
They were all freaking out.
So was I.
Next thing I knew the mall security was in the bathroom with me.
Then came the fire truck and firemen.
Everyone was checking my vitals and asking a zillion questions.
I kept telling them I felt fine, that I just needed to go to the hospital to check on the baby.

My mom finally was able to take me to the ER
(which was luckily right next door to the mall).
Aaron was already there waiting for us.
I was still gushing blood.
A lot of blood.
I was scared.
I didn't know what was happening but I knew it wasn't good.
I was finally taken back and checked.
The doctor said my cervix was open but things in there looked pretty good.
Next I got an ultrasound.
Initially I couldn't even look at the screen.
I was terrified that I would see a lifeless little baby.
But praise God there was a heartbeat!
And the baby was moving!
The ultrasound tech couldn't tell us any details so
we waited for the radiologist to read the results.

In the meantime I started having painful cramping and bad lower back pain.
It felt like I was going into labor.
Once we got back to the ER (still waiting for results)
I told the nurse and doctor about the contractions.
I told them I was scared I was going into labor and that I needed a shot of something to make the contractions stop.
The doctor was uncomfortable.
He said he didn't know how to tell us this,
but there was nothing he could give me or do.
He was fearful my water had already broke and that I was going into labor.
And if that was the case,
since I was only 4 months pregnant the baby wouldn't be able to survive.
I totally lost it.
I couldn't help the tears.
The doctor was really sweet.
He told me not to lose hope.
That we still had to see what the ultrasound said.
At times like this (and every second in between)
I'm so thankful to know the Lord.
I don't know what Aaron or I would have done without Him.
It was a horribly scary situation but we both had comfort knowing that our baby was in the sweet hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus.
That nothing would happen to it, that was out of Christ's control or perfect plan.
So we prayed and prayed and prayed.
And we had our friends and family praying.
Praying for a miracle that our baby would be ok and trusting God with whatever was going to happen.

A while later the doctor came back with the ultrasound results.
They couldn't tell for sure what was going on but thought it was one of two things.
Either I had a large hemorrhage near my placenta and the placenta was detaching from my uterus (which was really bad news and would be fatal for the baby)
or I just had the large hemorrhage near my placenta but things were still attached.
So we went back for another ultrasound
this time with the tech and the radiologist.
They had a really hard time telling but they concluded that the placenta was ok and that it was just the hemorrhage.
They also said the baby looked absolutely perfect!
Praise the Lord!
This was the best possible news we could have received (given the situation)!

After a long time at the hospital I was able to go home on full bed rest.
I go back to the doctor on Monday for another ultrasound and to get more news
but for now we are so overwhelmed by God's grace and goodness!
We are so thankful that our little baby is alive and healthy!
I'll keep you guys updated on things as we hear more.
Thanks for all your support and love and prayers!

*P.S. I just realized I still haven't given an update on Mackenzie's thumb as promised. She is doing great! It still has a lot of healing left to do and needs to be kept all bandaged up for a while but she is back to her normal self. Thanks for all the support for her too! Hopefully we won't have any more medical emergencies for a long time!


~Sutherland Smiles~ said...

This brought me to tears. God is so good and his mercies still amaze me. Know that he knew this baby even before he or she was in the womb. He formed them and he will keep his hand upon them. Praying for you and praying that God continues to receive glory in your situation!{{hugs}}

Sarah said...

You, the baby, and your family are in my thoughts, and prayers. I had a situation like this withe my third son. They told me I would never carry him to term. He turned 4 in June! Just remember God is good!! And, I just found, and became a follower of you blog today, and I love it.

Kammie said...

I couldn't read this fast enough! I am so sorry you had to go through that, but so glad how it's turning out. The one good thing about bed rest for the next five months is the blog will never be lacking in post! Wishing you and your family the best and keeping you in our prayers. Maybe after this scary episode the baby could have a very powerful meaningful name after all what a miracle!

Stephanie Rose said...

I am with Susie...I wanted to skip to the bottom and make sure. What an ordeal! THANK GOD you and the baby are ok. I hope everything stays that way---praying for you!!!!!!!!

The Stein Family aka lilsteinstyles said...

This also brought me to tears... I am a mommy of twins and had a very rough pregnancy as well. I am so glad that you have such a great support system. I will be praying for you and your family and your little baby... You are such an amazing person, wife & mommy from reading your BLOG, my wish for you is lots of rest & love from your friends & family. BIG HUGS...

SarahJarnagin said...

God is so good. This brought on the tears for me but I'm thankful God took care of your little baby! Hope you get good news on Monday.

Alecia Chapman said...

Praying for you and the sweet baby God has blessed you with. I've had two preemies and had surgery while pregnant with the first one, so I know that feeling of utter helplessness where the only thing you can do is cry out to God for His peace. I look back on those times when I was having the difficult pregnancies and very sick kids in the NICU and realize amongst all the craziness and uncertainty, they were some of the most peaceful times because I couldn't do anything of my own strength and had to fully trust God and place my health and the health of my children in His hands. Praying for the strength, healing and peace that can only come from Him.

Candace said...

Oh my goodness! How terrifying! I'm so glad that God is good and that we can always lean on him in such difficult situations! I'll keep you and your precious baby in my prayers! Praise the Lord you're both okay!

Hippo Brigade said...

My heart was literally racing and I had this crazy case of sympathy cramps as I read this. Praise be to God that you and baby are just fine! I hope you're doing okay today. Geez! I'm sure you guys are all freaked out . My prayers and thoughts will be with you.

Brandy@YDK said...

oh no. I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this. Sending lots of prayers your way. I hope you are already feeling better.

Tiffani said...

I am so glad that you and the baby are okay. I know, from experience, that bedrest can get old very quick but think of all of the posting you can do on your blog. ::wink, wink:: LOL! Bless you and your family and take care.