Monday, December 6, 2010

Good news!

We went to the doctor today
and after another ultrasound
the doctor confirmed that the baby is absolutely perfect!
They could still see the bleed that happened on Friday
but it has shrunk considerably and is healing well.
Also...they told me that I don't have to be on bed rest!!
I just have to take things really easy (no lifting, exercise, etc.).
And a perfectly healthy baby!
What more could we have asked for?
Praise the Lord!!
Thank you for all your prayers and support!
They mean so much to me!


Gabby Malcuit said...


Candace said...

Praise the Lord! :)

Stephanie Rose said...


Mama G @ said...

Wow! What incredible news!!! Congrats :) :) :) :) :)

Kristan Anne said...

Thank God. This is such good news. I was recently blessed with a smooth, easy pregnancy, so I can't even imagine how scared you must have been. *big hugs*

Alecia Chapman said...

Praise the Lord! That's amazing news! We'll keep praying for your health and the health of the baby.

Kyla Armstrong said...

I'm so glad everything is fine. What a blessing from our Heavenly Father.

Crystal said...

What wonderful news. i'm so happy you and your little one are okay.

Elizabeth said...

Praise God! He is so good. I started crying when I read your very scary day post. My little boy is almost 4 months old. When I was in labor we had some complications and had to do an emergency c-section. They had to suction him out and couldn't let him cry for about 5 or 10 mintues after the pulled him out. It felt like a half an hour for me. In those situatios every minute seems like an hour so I can only imagine how you felt as you were waiting for the news. I'll be praying for a safe pregnancy! Btw, your necktie bibs are too cute!

Brandy@YDK said...

that's great great news