Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I Wore

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!
We had a great time celebrating and spending time with family.
I love the holidays!
Plus yesterday was my birthday which makes this time of year extra fun.
Yesterday the kids, hubby and I went up to the mountains to play in the snow and walk around the cute little shops.
I'll post some pictures of that tomorrow...
but for today, here is my weekly "What I Wore Wednesday" post.

I think this was the last day of our rainy weather.
It has been so nice to see the sun again!
jacket (made out of sweatshirt material): Macy's
turtleneck shirt under jacket: Forever 21 (hand me down from friend)
jeans: Express
shoes: Puma's from Nordstroms

white shirt: favorite maternity/baby store that went out of a business a couple years ago :( (hand me down from friend)
brown cardigan: Target
jeans: Old Navy Maternity
boots: Emu's

fabric flower hair clip: Made by me :)

New Year's Eve night attire:
teal dress: Forever 21 (hand me down from friend...a couple friends hooked me up with a ton of their old maternity stuff so you'll probably be seeing lots of hand me downs)
black leggings: Forever 21
ankle boots: Macy's (Naturalizers)
I also threw a black cardigan over this (after the picture) to dress it up a bit and to keep me warm.
necklace: Nordstroms

Aaron (the hubby) and I

And I couldn't not include this picture. Wesley is such a ham for pictures lately. He loves to smile and starts yelling "cheese" the second he sees a camera.
Wesley's shirt: H&M kid's section (recent)

Oh and I had to include a picture of the kids in their Christmas jammies. My mom gives them a pair every Christmas Eve.

Christmas day outfit:
black long sleeve shirt: Target maternity (recent)
wrap: Old Navy maternity
jeans: Forever 21 jeggings (recent)
black boots: H&M (recent) sorry they are so hard to see in the picture

headband: made by me

my family :)
(mom, dad, brother Jeff, me, Aaron, and the kids)

sweater top: H&M (recent)
jeggings: (basically they are just jeans with an elastic top. Perfect for this preggo Mama): Forever 21 (recent)
black flats: Payless

bracelet: gift from my cousin
It's one of those magazine bead bracelets that are made in Africa and sold here to help feed the poor, give them water, etc.
I can't remember the name of the people who sell them on Etsy but I'll find out and let you know. I've been wearing it all the time and love it!

navy shirt: Old Navy (recent) I think it's their basic v neck tee (non maternity)
cardigan: Forever 21 (recent)
skinny jeans: Levis
flats: Payless
*Wesley insisted on joining the picture today :)

My birthday dinner attire:
I totally forgot to take a picture of the whole outfit but here's the info on the part you can see :)
long sleeve white shirt: Old Navy
magenta wrap: Macy's (recent)
necklace: Walmart
cute girl: All mine :)


Unknown said...

We have the same birthday! Happy Birthday! I found you on pleated poppy. Love the outfits :)

Gina said...

cute stuff! Love the "jeggings" I so can't pull those off.

I like it, I love it! said...

So fun being prego nowadays! So much more clothes to chose from. Love the striped H&M shirt!

Paige said...


Paige said...

You are too cute!!

Unknown said...

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