Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

Happy Birthday baby girl!
I can't believe you are 3 years old already!
I love the woman God is growing and shaping you to be.
You bring such joy and happiness to our family.
Daddy, Wesley and I love you so much!

You are our silly little girl.
You love to make up funny songs and are always saying things that make us laugh.

You have such a kind heart and caring spirit.
You love to make people happy and have a way about making people smile.

You love to be cuddled and kissed and we love to kiss and cuddle you.
Family hugs are your favorite.

You take your role as a big sissy very seriously.
You love your baby brother more than anything and are always looking out for him.

Breakfast is your favorite meal.
Especially pumpkin pancakes.

You love your baby dolls and anything Princess.
You are a total girly girl.

You are very smart and articulate.
And you are crazy good with directions. You always know where we are (even when Mommy doesn't).

You are kind of clumsy.
You are brave.

You are our special baby girl!

We love you Mackenzie Grace!
Happy 3rd Birthday!