Thursday, December 23, 2010

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament (for kids)

The other day Mackenzie wanted to do a craft
so we whipped up a couple of these felt Christmas tree ornaments.
One for our tree and one for a friend.
They are super simple and were made all out of things I already had laying around the house.
They are probably pretty self explanatory but I made a little tutorial just in case.

felt Christmas tree ornament

Step 1:
Make a tree shape, star and trunk template.
I just free handed them onto an index card then cut them out.

Step 2:
Using your templates as a guide, cut your shapes out of felt.

I glued two pieces of felt together for the trunk and the tree to make them more sturdy.
I little trick I do, so I don't have to worry about gluing the the two pieces together perfectly, is... I just cut one piece to size and leave the back piece a little larger then glue them together. Once glued I cut the back piece to match the front.
Make sense?

Step 3:
Sandwich the tree trunk in between the two tree pieces.
See how the top piece is cut to size and the back piece is still a little larger?

Once I glued the tree together with the trunk in between, I cut the back piece of the tree to size.

Now that your tree is together,
glue on buttons to look like ornaments.
Oh and add your felt star to the top of the tree.
(Mackenzie and I thought our star needed a little bling so we gave it a coat of glitter).

Step 4:
Hot glue a piece of ribbon, or in my case a tiny piece of rick rac, to the back of the ornament so you will be able to hang it on the tree. I also hot glued a little piece of felt over the part where I attached the ribbon to make it look more pretty and extra secure.

And that's it!
You're done!

I ended up writing the year and a little message on the back of the one for Mackenzie's friend with glitter puffy paint.

Happy ornament making!


The Four on Board said...

Kristin, I am assuming you used hot glue for the buttons and all the felt gluing? I am a novice at all this...

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