Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Wore

Well I have to admit there wasn't anything exciting about my wardrobe this week.
I kind of feel like I'm stuck in a rut
wearing the same ol' stuff over and over again.
Luckily my friend just hooked me up with some of her old maternity clothes and I've been doing a little clothing shopping for Christmas so you should be seeing some new outfits soon.
In the meantime you and I will have to deal with what's already in my closet.
Maybe I'll be able to get creative and put some different outfits together than I'm used to.
Yes, that will be my challenge for this next week.
This could be interesting.
Anyways, here is last week's outfits
(minus the couple days of bed rest I spent in my jammies).

sweater top: Nordstroms
tank underneath: Target
skinny jeans: Levis
brown flats: Payless

embellished tank: Express
cardigan/wrap thing: Macy's
maternity jeans (these are my favorite!): H&M (recent)
back flats: Payless
I just realized some of my pictures are horrible quality. I blame it on the bad lighting in the only room with a full length mirror in our house. Anyways, here's a better pic of the top half of that outfit (and my cute family).

sweater: Banana Republic
jeans: H&M maternity
boots: Emu's

necklace: H&M

brown jacket: Macy's
scroll down for rest of outfit...

green long sleeve top: Nordsrtoms
skinny jeans: Levis
boots: Emu's