Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hide the Vaseline

I was wondering when I would have to do it.
After the great pen catastrophe of 2009 Mackenzie got her very own "Little Miss Trouble" label.
It is filled with all of the mischief she has gotten into over the years.
Today marks the beginning of Wesley's "Little Mr. Trouble" label.

The other day the kids were playing in their room.
Aaron was cleaning up the family room.
I was making breakfast.
All of a sudden Mackenzie comes running from their room to announce that
"Brother has sticky stuff all over his hands."
Those words are never good.
Aaron and I went into the room to find our boy lathering himself with Vaseline.
Our little monkey had climbed onto Mackenzie's bed,
from the bed to the changing table
and from the changing table to the dresser to get to it.
Sneaky little guy.
Luckily this Vaseline incident had a much happier ending then the last.
The sticky, greasy goo was pretty much contained to his face and hands.
Here are some pictures of the events.

What are some things your kiddos have gotten into?


Melissa said...

Vicks Vapor Rub! It was everywhere! Funny now, but not then!

Mariella said...

My daughter got the vaseline once too, she ate a huge handful!!!, not a smudge on her lol!! After calling poison control... i just had to laugh!

Ashley Lapointe said...

I am glad (and sad) to see that my child is not the only one that gets into mischief. Here is our story: http://peacockfarm.blogspot.com/2010/10/adjustments.html

Unknown said...

Toilet paper, the sand from the bottom of the fishbowl and bag of flour.

I have to be thankful thought that they didn't get into trouble like I did... When I was 1 and a half my mo found me with a mouthful of stickpins! I swallowed one and they had to wait for it to "pass."

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