Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Randoms

Here's a peek at my week from the hipstamatic lens of my iPhone.

Moved the kids to the very back of the van to make room for baby Madelyn.
They were so excited to be in their new spot!
Yay for easy transitions!

I've slowly but surely been working on some little things for Madelyn.
Can't believe she is going to be here in a week and a half or less!

Wesley showing off his favorite monkey while he was cuddling with Mackenzie in her bed.

I'm so thankful both of my kids still nap. thankful.

Testing out our new stroller!
So far we love it!

The hubby is starting a new job on Monday so we had him home to ourselves for the entire week! We had so much fun together!

I heart evening strolls to the beach.
Caught a glimpse of my shadow the other day and had to take a pic.
Definitely looking and feeling very pregnant these days.
Took the little man for a much needed hair cut.

It's been a very hot week.
Much too hot for clothes.

One of my friends taught me how to freeze my cookie dough in balls.
Now I can have homemade cookies in 11 minutes,
which is awesome and dangerous all at the same time.

Especially when you are pregnant because you come up with creations like this.

Hope you guys had a great week!

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karen said...

what is the name of the stroller email me at love your blog