Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well hello again

I think it's been almost 3 months since I have touched my sewing machine.
The two of us will always be life long friends but I was definitely in need of a little break.
And now that we are back together it is better than ever.
I'm finally ready to conquer a few projects that I been meaning to make for a long time.

First on the list is a monkey for my little man.

(a boy version of this monkey I made for Mackenzie a while ago using this pattern)


Anonymous said...

ok, random, but how do you like your stroller?? My husband and I are thinking of splurging on one...it is quite the splurge! Do you think it is worth it? Might you have been ok with a double bob or something like that?? What do you think??

Kristin Sellars said...

Katy....I LOVE the Uppa baby! It has totally been worth every penny! We have the double Bob too (which is great for outdoors) but the Uppa is what I use for day to day stuff. If you want more details send me your email and I can email you more specifics.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

I can't wait to see the final product! That polka-dot fabric is just adorable.