Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Luvs, 4 kids, Mulan and giant rulers

Happy Wednesday Friends!
Here's a peek of the randomness inside my brain right now...

1. I bought Luvs diapers the other day because they were cheap 
and well, we needed diapers 
and they are awesome. 
Who would have thought?

2. A certain 16 month old girl broke my camera.
Sad day.

3. And the air conditioning in our car bit the dust. 
Sad sad day. 

4. I want to make one of these
Hopefully before the kids are off to college. 

5. I am officially pregnant. 
I busted out a pair of maternity jeans to wear to bunco the other night
because my stomach is twice as big at night as it is in the morning 
and we eat lots of yummy treats at bunco. 

6. If you stop by my house during the day
chances are this movie will be on. 

7. Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the stuff in your life?
I swear the other day our house just got smaller or something
so I have been on a major purging streak. 
Craigslist is my new BFF.

8. Did I mention I am pregnant?
Not a good movie to watch when you are pregnant. 
I think I cried the whole time. 
It was good though so watch it 
just bring tissues if you are pregnant.

9. Speaking of kids...I am going to have 4! 
Some days it just hits me like, "Wow. That's a lot of kids"
and other days I feel like "4 really isn't thaaaat many."
Either way 4 kids is going to be awesome.
If you don't believe me just read this.
Plus I just found out that if you have 6 people living in your house (hello 4 kids) you get 20% off your electricity bill.  
 Convinced you need 4 kids too?
Everyone's doing it.

10. My life as a homeschooling (preschool...which kind of hardly counts) mom just got sooooo much easier.

11. I want to make some more of these.
yellow. sea foam green. yes please! 
Craft night anyone?

12. God is good. 
And so gentle and loving.
I had a rough couple of days emotionally (remember I'm pregnant) but the Lord has totally gone out of His way to show me that I am His and that He loves me. 
And just by doing little things that would only mean something to me
because He knows me. 
And most importantly because He wants me to know Him and to trust Him. 
To know that He is good all the time
even when life is hard 
and that He is here for me always especially when times are hard.
What a good God we serve.

Well that's it...for today at least.
Hope you guys are having a great week!
Oh and make sure to enter the awesome Zoe Clothing giveaway if you haven't already.  


Johnson Family of 4!! said...

Which electric company gives a discount for having 6 people in the house?

O Mestre said...

Lu hi! My name is Ana Paula, I am the mother of a 13 year old boy and twin girls 5 years. Love your blog, your family is beautiful and your love for Jesus Christ also. May God bless you always, congratulations for another baby. Kisses from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.